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Brady and Associates Lawyers will stand up and represent you in  the Local, Children's, District and Supreme Courts throughout the state and are experienced in the following:
  • Serious Criminal matters
  • Criminal/Summary prosecutions
  • Apprehended violence orders (AVOs)
  • Drink driving offences (for low, medium and high-range PCA offences)
  • Childen's Court matters
  • Mentions/ Hearings
  • Bail Applications
  • Appeals
  • Committal hearings
  • Juvenile prosecutions
  • ICAC hearings
  • PIC Hearings
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Coronial inquests / inquiries
  • Licensing matters
  • Bullying and Harassment
We understand that for many the justice system is a tough place to find your way. So, rely on us to keep things on track and your stress levels down. Let us handle the complexities of the court system for you.

Brady and Associates Lawyers will advise you of your best options. What will be the outcome if you stand and fight, or plead guilty? Perhaps you need a negotiated settlement or written representations? Brady and Associates Lawyers will advise you of the options available to you.

Brady and Associates can advise you when it is best to instruct a Barrister and will arrange that process for you

For quality legal support and experienced, outstanding court advocacy skills, call our office at Sutherland. 

We will appear on your instructions and will strive for the very best possible outcome for you.

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