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If your child is are under 18, then it is likely that their charges will be dealt with in the Children's Court.  There is no doubt that this experience can alter the course of  a young persons life.

Our Principal Lawyer, Amanda Brady takes a keen interest in resolving matters in the Children's Court and understands how confronting (and worrying) the justice process is for parents.

It is not uncommon for young people to be be charged with very serious offences and Brady and Associates Lawyers will confidently advise and represent young people in such cases. We are well suited to advise you in circumstances where those charges are to be committed to the District or Supreme Court for trial.

Brady and Associates Lawyers can provide representation and assistance in the Children's Court for  all criminal offences in the following areas: 
  • Serious Criminal matters involving children and young people (whch can be committed to superior courts for trial)
  • Children's Court criminal offences
  • Driving matters
  • Care and protection of minors
There is a greater emphasis on the rehabilitation of the child in the Children's Court sentencing regime. Amanda Brady can advocate on your behalf to make the best of those opportunities for your child.

Young people charged with Traffic offences will not be dealt with in the Children's Court. Brady and Associates Lawyers are well suited to protect the rights of  young people in the adult court system in those instances.

Our advice is practical and delivered in plain English so that children, young people, parents and guardians can all understand what is required and likely to happen at Court.

Our office is very close to Sutherland Children's Court and we are familiar with practice and procedures at many other children's Courts including Campbelltown.

Contact us and arrange to speak with our Principal Lawyer, Amanda Brady.  
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